June 14, 2024

Julian Nagelsmann is out of the running to be the new manager of Tottenham, and that hasn’t come as much of a surprise to Julian Laurens.

Indeed, the journalist says that he’s had an inkling that Nagelsmann wouldn’t be getting the job for a little while now, stating that this deal would already have been done weeks ago if it were going to happen.

While reports have now confirmed that Nagelsmann is getting the job, Laurens said, speaking on ESPN, that there was always a sense that the German wasn’t getting the job.

Laurens says that there was no reason why Spurs and Nagelsmann couldn’t come to an agreement already if they wanted to, but, as we now know, neither party were that keen on this union coming to pass.

Nagelsmann would already have the job if he was getting it

Laurens shared what he knows about Nagelsmann.

“That flirtation they had together. If it had been him it would have been done already, even if there would have been no rush and he would have been for next season, but there would have been an agreement earlier, but there was always this sense that the direction it was taking, they weren’t going to find and agreement,” Laurens said.

Never serious

Laurens’ comments here just go to show that Spurs and Nagelsmann were never truly serious about making this move happen.

As the journalist says, Nagelsmann would already have the job if Spurs truly wanted him, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Of course, whether or not you think Nagelsmann should be in the fray is up for debate, but in the end, only one person’s opinion matters, and that’s Daniel Levy.

When Spurs do eventually decide on who their next manager will be, don’t be surprised if it all happens very quickly.

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