June 19, 2024

There is a lot of talk in football media outlets suggesting that Ipswich Town might be negotiating a deal that would see a player switch and cash. So then, what’s its about?

There has been much interest recently for an in-demand striker playing for Blackpool and half a dozen clubs have already been monitoring the situation. One of them has just been promoted to the Premier League, so if Luton still wants him, they would be hot favourites to get his signature. Jerry Yates is his name, and the Hatters have 187,000 million to spend due to their rise to the elite league, so it would be a drop in the ocean if their interest in him remained. The transfer window does not open yet so there is lots of thinking time for all the clubs involved before they commit to anything.

If the Luton deal does not materialize, then there are several other clubs showing serious interest, and this includes Ipswich Town, Coventry City, Bristol City, West Brom and apparently Derby County too. Still, as things stand, only one club has made a solid offer and that was well below The Seasider’s current estimation of 4 million pounds.

The club in question is believed to be Ipswich Town, but an insider at the club has informed me that CEO Mark Ashton has indicated that they would not be held hostage at the negotiation table, and they would not exceed a financial ceiling of 3.2 million for the player. This seems reasonable but there is another way a deal could get over the line which might satisfy all parties, and it would include a player and cash exchange.

he forward that apparently tickles Blackpool’s fancy is Kayden Jackson, and their scouts have watched him closely for some time. If he was to go in the other direction for a player-plus-cash deal Town could get Yates for just over half the original asking price. It must be a tempting proposition, but would Jackson want to head to Blackpool and go backwards at the prime of his football life? Conversely, would he be content being a squad member in the Championship but rarely featuring in the first team? There are more questions than answers right now, but clarity should prevail in the next few days when Blackpool boss Neil Critchley has a few words in Yates’s ear.

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