June 16, 2024

Here, are some of Luton Town’s most famous supporters.

Luton Town are preparing for the Premier League after winning the Championship play-off final against Coventry City, with the Hatters running out as 6-5 winners on penalties following a 1-1 draw in 120 minutes of action.

Luton’s eventually victory was watched by over 36,000 Hatters at Wembley, whilst millions of football fans across the world tuned in as Rob Edwards led the Bedfordshire club towards what will be their first taste of the Premier League.

Luton Town famous fans
A day that will live forever in the minds of Luton fans, there are also a fair number of famous faces who would have celebrated Saturday, and here, we take a look at some of the club’s celebrity supporters…

Nick Owen

Nick Owen is the first name on the list and will have undoubtedly enjoyed promotion, with the TV presenter being asked to lead as chairman when 2020 Developments first took control at Kenilworth Road.

Continuing this role until 2017, when David Wilkinson succeeded him, Owen often engages with Luton fans on Twitter and has alluded to his love of the club on several occasions on TV.

Owen also made sure he had his orange tie on a couple of weeks ago when it was confirmed that Luton would face Coventry City in the play-off final.

Faye Carruthers

Faye Carruthers is another Luton fan who is a famous face through her broadcasting career and to her excitement, was tasked with visiting Kenilworth Road quite a lot during her career thus far.

One thing she has not done is visited Luton’s Bedfordshire home as a Premier League club, however, that is all about to change after Saturday’s sensational victory.

Carruthers has worked closely with England’s men and women’s teams at recent major tournaments.

Does Alastair Cook support Luton Town?

Alastair Cook has been seen lots in recent weeks in association with the Hatters, with the former England Cricketer speaking to media ahead of Luton’s clash with Sunderland at Kenilworth Road.

Living on a farm in Bedfordshire, Cook still has a passion for the Hatters and will be excited about seeing his club in the Premier League next season.

A quick Twitter search shows multiple images of Cook at Kenilworth Road enjoying himself.

Cerys Matthews

Welsh singer and broadcaster Cerys Matthews is another Luton fan who has followed the club’s celebrations closely over the last few days, with her Twitter account fully backing that up.

Matthews also posted a video on her Twitter from Wembley and was positioned perfectly well for Luton’s promotion celebrations.

Rob Stringer

Rob Stringer had the luxury of joining the players on the pitch at Wembley, with the Luton director, who is a lifelong fan of the Bedfordshire outfit, being part of the fantastic ownership structure that has played an instrumental role in the continued upwards trajectory that the club is on.

Stringer is the chairman of Sony Music Group and is the CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, spending lots of his time in New York.

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