June 20, 2024

After losing to Arsenal on Sunday, Newcastle United currently has eight victories in their previous 10 games, which bodes well for NUFC’s hopes of finishing in the top four of the Premier League.

The Soccer Power Index is a ranking system for football teams that considers more than 500,000 matches and is based on play-by-play data from Opta. The predictions made by the super computer model are based on the FiveThirtyEight adjustment to the Soccer Power Index.

We can see how the computer model now assigns a % likelihood to Newcastle United finishing in the top four of the Premier League at the end of the current campaign.

This is how the Premier League table now looks on Monday after the defeat to Arsenal on Sunday:

At the very top, the computer models rates Man City 88% chance of winning the title, with Arsenal 12%.

More importantly, when it comes to the race for Premier League top four…

Their prediction system gives Newcastle United still a massive 90% chance of finishing top four and getting Champions League football

With rival clubs to do the same, rated as Arsenal 100%, Man City 100%, Man Utd 76%, Liverpool 27%, Brighton 7%.

Regarding the relegation picture, the computer model has Southampton most likely (98%) to be relegated, with then Everton (59%), Leeds (54%), Leicester (46%), Forest (44%).



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