June 13, 2024

Tottenham’s players are huge fans of Ryan Mason according to Charlie Eccleshare.

Speaking on The View From The Lane Podcast, the journalist shared what he knows about the dynamics between the Spurs squad and the 31-year-old manager.

Not only did Eccleshare state that Spurs’ players are fans of Mason as a person, he also states that they’ve been really impressed by his management style so far.

Spurs players like Mason

Eccleshare shared what he knows about Mason and the Tottenham squad.

“Mason clearly is brimming with ideas and he’s fizzing with energy. He’s excited by this and is really relishing being able to put his ideas over to the players, and they, from everything I’m told, they really like him and they’ve been really impressed with him, but ultimately he needs to get results,” Eccleshare said.

Worth a punt?

If you have a ‘brilliant‘ manager already in the building who has a good bond with the players, then surely it’s worth a punt in hiring him on a full-time basis.

Yes, Mason is only 31 years old, but at this point he has half a decade worth of coaching experience behind him, and as Eccleshare says, he clicks with this squad.

For as good as the likes of Julian Nagelsmann and Luis Enrique are, there’s no saying that they will form a bond with this squad in the same way Mason has.

As we’ve seen with the likes of Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho, even the best managers can struggle to get to grips with this group of players, so maybe going in another direction is Spurs’ best bet at this point.

Mason wants the job, and maybe, just maybe he should get it.


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