June 21, 2024

Jason Tindall has become an unwitting viral star for his behaviour on the touchline and Eddie Howe says the Newcastle dressing room is well aware of the social media talk

Jason Tindall, the assistant coach for Newcastle, has reportedly earned the nickname “Mad Dog” from Eddie Howe as a result of widespread social media mockery.

In recent weeks, Howe’s longtime right-hand man has become a social media superstar as a result of football fans’ growing interest in his antics on the sidelines. With Howe at Newcastle, Burnley, and Bournemouth, Tindall is a well-known face in the technical area on game days.

The 45-year-old is often seen standing alongside Howe barking orders at his players during games and shaking hands with the opposition after the final whistle. For some people, his persona is a bit overbearing, with a Twitter account called “Jason Tindall desperate to be centre of attention” picking up nearly 43,000 followers in a short period of time.

Howe had been unaware of the spotlight on his colleague until recently, but is now enjoying taking the mickey out of Tindall. “He’s a good looking guy so when people take pictures of him he gives off a good smile,” he told reporters on Friday.

“He is an energetic personality and definitely more extroverted than I am, but that’s why we work. Yet at his core he is a serious coach and he wants to help the players.

“I have heard he gets called ‘Mad Dog’ and I’ve started calling him it too! We have good fun in the coaches’ room about all of these things. I’m not on social media but I get sent a few things.”

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