June 13, 2024

Arsenal, as expected, is trying to do their summer business early. The transfer tweeters are sounding the internet alarm that after the Europa Conference Final – a CHONKY bid will go into West Ham United.

Now, a few things seem to be working for this deal.

  1. Arsenal has been having meetings with Declan and his people since before Christmas. That sheepish look in the game after the World Cup when he was giving Arsenal praise was because he knew we wanted him.
  2. There are strong rumors David Moyes is going to exit West Ham after this final. One would imagine if there’s a new manager coming in, they will want to have outbound transfers settled before they land
  3. West Ham needs a BIG rebuild this summer. No point in fannying around for 8 weeks to get rid of a key player. They need cash fast so they can get the bodies they need.

There’s a lot in our favor on this deal, and I honestly think one of the most important things is that we’re a local club. He has a young kid, he lives in London, he doesn’t want to move away from his family and friend.

We’re also the only London club in Europe next season, which is kind of amusing (maybe West Ham if they beat Fiorentina).

United is interested according to rumor – but that club is always a bag of mess – the fact they are in for Neymar tells you how serious they are about moving away from a toxic culture.

Arsenal is organized, we’re extremely competitive, the path to first team is clear, and he likes how we play the beautiful game.

He’s an absolute standout player, he’ll be the next England captain, and he’s only 24. I love that we’re bringing in a precision breaker of play, an elite passer, and an absolute racing horse of a ball carrier. He is pure beast-mode in midfield – the athlete we’ve lacked – an unbelievable upgrade we would have had no chance with 5 years ago.


There are also rumblings that the two clubs interested in James Madders are Newcastle and Arsenal. Same two teams from last season. This is an excellent option to compete with Odegaard in that advanced 8 position. He has massive output, he’s a little bit underrated, and we’ll be able to get one of those sweet ‘we are relegated’ prices from Leicester.

I’m fairly positive we’re getting a midfielder out of Tielemans, Maddison or Mount.

What is more intriguing is where the rest of our transfers will land.

Flo Balogun’s people seem to be leaking to media that he will NOT accept another loan move. Brentford and West Ham need a young striker. I’m sure the Italian clubs will be looking at his profile. Brentford need someone with Ivan Toney out. There will be lots of takers for a 21 yr old with a ceiling that high.

Eddie might have a decision to make this summer. He’s earning great money, but he doesn’t get a look in when Jesus is in the side. Will he look for pastures new? Will Arsenal look at their striking options and decide they just can’t live without a tallboy? Maybe.

Are we going to look for a new right back or are the club going to do some batshit crazy things with the #6 role next season? Or will we move Ben White back inside to compete with Saliba, hope Tomi can stay fit, and sign a younger player like Fresneda?

Are we really going to tie Reiss Nelson down to another 4 years so we can save money for a striker – or will we be a serious club and sign a winger with explosive pace and incredible output?

These are all questions I am sure are on the table – or maybe answered. Stay tuned HERE all summer to keep up with the latest.

Ok, short post today and the chance to show off a new format of CROSS COLLAB podcasts. We teamed up with Mark Carlaw from the EXCELLENT The West Ham Way  to give us an intimate lowdown on Declan Rice. It was a fun podcast, let us know what you think of the format, and make sure you share with all your best friends.

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