June 21, 2024

Sean Longstaff names his favourite ever moment as a Newcastle United player.

Sean Longstaff has had some incredible moments in a Newcastle United shirt, and is likely to have even more in the future.

There was his Premier League debut against Liverpool, and an incredible performance against Manchester City that saw him receive praise from Pep Guardiola.

There was his Carabao Cup semi final goals against Southampton, which was followed by the final at Wembley. And there was just last month when he returned from injury to help the Magpies secure qualification for next season’s Champions League.

But for all those great moments, Longstaff has admitted that his favourite was actually when his brother scored the winner against Manchester United in 2019.

Longstaff names his brother’s goal as his favourite Newcastle moment

Longstaff has spoke to the club’s official website, going through a selection of photos from his career. One of them showed him celebrating with his younger brother Matty Longstaff, after he had scored his first ever Toon goal to give Newcastle the lead against Manchester United at St James’ Park.

“Still, to this day, that’s my favourite moment ever in a Newcastle shirt,” he said.

“To see him do that, to know how hard he’d worked and for it all to culminate in that night and that goal was so, so special.

“When he found out he was starting it was a bit of a shock – ‘oh my God, we’re actually going to play together in the Premier League’. That day couldn’t have gone any better for the club.

“Matty’s such a likeable character – he’s so happy and smiley, happy-go-lucky, so everyone was so happy for him.

“Without a doubt, that’s the best day I’ll ever have in a Newcastle top.”

Family first for Longstaff

For all of his success, it is really heartwarming to hear Longstaff pick his little brother’s goal as his favourite ever moment in a Newcastle United shirt. It just shows how grounded he is.

The moment in question truly was incredible. Matty Longstaff was given his first ever Premier League start up against Man United, and he was paired in midfield with his brother Sean. That was impressive enough as it was, but then it got even better when Matty scored the only goal of the game in front of the Gallowgate. Talk about seizing your opportunity.

Sadly for Matty, that was as good as it got in a Toon shirt. He is yet to reach the heights that Sean has, and it feels like his Newcastle career will soon be coming to an end.

However, no matter what happens, he will always have that moment on October 6th 2019.

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