June 13, 2024

Burnley chairman Alan Pace on ‘special’ Vincent Kompany, new deal & anxiety of losing ex-Manchester City man

Burnley chairman Alan Pace insists Vincent Kompany has a job for life at Turf Moor if he so wishes.

The Belgian recently put an end to speculation linking him with other jobs by signing a new five-year contract that keeps him at the club until 2028.

It follows an incredible debut campaign in East Lancashire, where he guided the Clarets to the Championship title – losing just three league games and amassing 101 points in the process.

It sets up an exciting return to the Premier League, where Burnley will be hoping to continue their recent revival under their new star manager.

Addressing Kompany’s new long-term deal, Pace said the former Manchester City man can stay as long as he likes.

“From my perspective, if he wants to be here forever, he can be here forever. If he wants to take my spot, he can take my spot. It’s up to him,” he told BBC Radio Lancashire.

“When you hear people talk about him, people like Pep (Guardiola), it’s because they know. Once you get to know him you will understand.”

Pace added: “He’s probably one of the most special people I’ve ever met – and I’ve met some brilliant people over my lifetime.

“It’s easy to say it, but maybe people will see with some of the documentary stuff. He’s one of the most thoughtful, considerate, highest standards and culture bearers that I’ve ever met.

“Standards for himself, standards for others…the ability to communicate his desire for success and his willingness to get down into the weeds and the depths of whatever it takes to dig it out and make it possible.

“The way he can develop relationships with players and with others, you all see it in the media all of the time but you’re only seeing one-tenth of what he really is.

“I’m sure only his family knows how special he really is but from what I’ve gotten to spend time with, he’s incredible.”

While the new contract will put some minds at ease among the Burnley fanbase, it seems inevitable speculation will re-emerge in future.

When asked if he worries about losing Kompany, Pace said: “All of the time. It’s not a worry for me that I’ll ever fire him, because that’s a different story.

“But my worry, as I’ve tried to explain to him, is that it’s like dating the most beautiful girl in town and knowing there’s probably no chance she’s going to marry you, but everybody else wants to marry her – so how long can you date? How long can you stay together? How long can you be a couple?

“I hope it’s for a very, very, very long time, but that’s up to her!”

When asked if Kompany sees the situation the same way, Pace concluded: “I don’t know. That’s one of those things when you’re maybe a little bit insecure, as I think anybody would be in my position and if they got to know him the same way, but you just don’t know. You hope.”

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